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0000124Branch 0.2.1-FINALFeature Requestpublic2012-11-26 13:11
Assigned ToQuix0r 
PlatformPHP5-LatestOSLinuxOS Version2.6
Product Version0.2.1-FINAL 
Target Version0.2.1-FINALFixed in Version 
Summary0000124: Surfbar: Mitgliederaktionen nicht editierbar
DescriptionDerzeit lassen sich die Mitgliederaktionen zwar anzeigen, beim Klick auf "Editieren" passiert jedoch nichts (es kommt nicht das erwartete Ergebnis, dass man die ausgewaehlten Aktionen editieren kann).
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Quix0r (administrator)

Aktuell kommt noch:
Mailer-Project ist in Script/Funktion doGenericEditEntriesConfirm, Zeile 2176 mit folgender Meldung abgebrochen: Note: file=doGenericEditEntriesConfirm,line=2176:mysql_error()=Duplicate entry 'PENDING-EDIT' for key 'status_action',last_query=UPDATE `mxchange_surfbar_actions` SET `actions_status`='PENDING', `actions_action`='EDIT', `actions_new_status`='0' WHERE `actions_id`=2 LIMIT 1
Please report this bug at http://bugs.mxchange.org and include this whole message + logfile from inc/cache/debug.log in your report (you can now attach files).

    template-functions.php:1307, debug_get_printable_backtrace(0)
    lib-mysql3.php:629, reportBug(3)
    lib-mysql3.php:93, SQL_ERROR(3)
    mysql-manager.php:2176, SQL_QUERY(3)
    admin-inc.php:1026, doGenericEditEntriesConfirm(10)
    debug_get_printable_backtrace:1003, adminEditEntriesConfirm(11)
    callback-functions.php:1362, call_user_func_array(2)
    debug_get_printable_backtrace:1003, doXmlCallbackFunctionExecute(4)
    xml-functions.php:196, call_user_func_array(2)
    xml-functions.php:112, doCallXmlCallbackFunction(1)
    what-list_surfbar_actions.php:58, doGenericXmlTemplateCallback(1)
    inc-functions.php:133, include(1)
    inc-functions.php:144, loadInclude(1)
    action-surfbar.php:50, loadIncludeOnce(1)
    inc-functions.php:133, include(1)
    admin-inc.php:208, loadInclude(1)
    admin.php:370, doAdminAction(0)
    inc-functions.php:133, include(1)
    inc-functions.php:144, loadInclude(1)
    module-functions.php:518, loadIncludeOnce(1)
    modules.php:55, doIncludeModule(0)

Request-URI: /modules.php?module=admin&what=list_surfbar_actions
Thank you for finding bugs.

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2010-05-28 18:27 Quix0r Build SVN-HEAD => 0.2.1-FINAL
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