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0000131Branch 0.2.1-FINALBugpublic2010-06-08 03:36
Assigned ToQuix0r 
PlatformPHP5-LatestOSLinuxOS Version2.6
Product Version0.2.1-FINAL 
Target Version0.2.1-FINALFixed in Version 
Summary0000131: EXTENSION_RUN_SQLS: ext_name is empty. ext_id=xx
DescriptionDeregistriert, oder aendert man eine Erweiterung, so tritt folgender Fehler auf und der HTML-Code wird nicht zu Ende gerendert:

14.10.2009|16:59:43|admin|debug_report_bug|2675|EXTENSION_RUN_SQLS: ext_name is empty. ext_id=xx
Additional InformationNote: EXTENSION_RUN_SQLS: ext_name is empty. ext_id=56
Please report this bug at bugs.mxchange.org and include the logfile from inc/cache/debug.log in your report (you can now attach files):

   1. functions.php:2680, debug_get_printable_backtrace(0)
   2. extensions.php:356, debug_report_bug(1)
   3. what-extensions.php:114, EXTENSION_RUN_SQLS(2)
   4. wrapper-functions.php:127, require(1)
   5. action-misc.php:52, loadInclude(1)
   6. wrapper-functions.php:127, require(1)
   7. admin-inc.php:280, loadInclude(1)
   8. admin.php:372, ADMIN_DO_ACTION(1)
   9. wrapper-functions.php:127, require(1)
  10. wrapper-functions.php:138, loadInclude(1)
  11. modules.php:121, loadIncludeOnce(1)

Request-URI: /projects/mailer/branches/0.2.1-FINAL/modules.php?module=admin&what=extensions
Thank you for finding bugs.
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